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                What is PP Nonwoven fabric? The wide use of society!
                Release time:2018-3-6
                Nonwovens are fabrics that do not need to be woven. They are made of natural short fibers or filaments arranged naturally, which are made of special technology and are also called nonwovens. It is transparent, breathable, moisture, mildew, durable, environmental protection is widely welcomed by the community, has been widely used in many fields of society, PP is no use of non-woven polypropylene fabric Fang Fang, without using a lot of polypropylene cloth, non-woven fabric as wide use of PP, used in many fields of society!
                PP Nonwoven production process are melting, spinning, production process is not complicated, simple, low cost, low price, of course, because PP non-woven brand still, so the price is still a big difference, some production process is complicated, high technical requirements, high cost, coupled with the manufacturer location the consumption of different environment, different manufacturers chasing profits, which leads to the difference in the price of some square cloth and don't. The PP nonwovens are widely used in medical, printing, packaging, clothing, automobile, agriculture and other fields, and the patterns, colors and so on are various and amazing.
                PP non-woven fabric pattern, color can also be stylish and beautiful, classical or playful and lively, all can meet a variety of purposes, such as used in aerospace, building materials and so on, covering film in agriculture greenhouse, fruit plants and so on to do, for thermal insulation, anti frost, anti worm, etc. in the shade, to do all kinds of apparel interlining etc.. This cloth because it is environmentally friendly, the degradation time is short, thus widely used in agriculture, run out of it was revoked on the ground, they have weathered by nature, natural absorption. The degradation of ordinary plastic products takes at least 300 years.