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                100 grams of non-woven fabric price, better than the quality ratio price.
                Release time:2018-3-6
                Nonwovens are fabrics that do not need to be woven. They only arrange some fibers in a natural way, and bind them into a whole through special technology, so they are called non-woven fabrics, which are different from those of Fang Fang. Since the production process is relatively simple, the production cost is low, and the primary production is large. There are many non-woven manufacturers across the country, and the competition is fierce. So the price of non-woven fabrics is relatively low. How much is the price of 100 grams of nonwovens? This depends on what manufacturers are producing, what the manufacturers are producing at the level of economic development, what is the production cost, the process and so on, and so on.
                100 grams of non-woven fabric prices aren't the only answer, but varied, depending on what is what location manufacturers, manufacturers, the production cost is how much, what material, what is the production process, manufacturers chasing profit is to determine what the specific price. Thus, 100 grams of non-woven fabric price disparity, some may be less than 1 yuan, only a few angle or a few cents, some ten yuan, a few yuan, hundreds of yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan, several million yuan high price or expensive, is mainly used for aerospace, air filtration etc..
                100 grams of non-woven fabric prices, to find the slaughter price, and good quality non-woven fabric, suitable for their own needs, buyers must fully compare, mainly in quality, function, price, brand can also be appropriate to compare, but if we consider the brand, the price will be higher, because the brand is also used in advertising money, and service base, brand all the benefits and overhead are added to the product price. 100 grams of non-woven fabric prices, it is better to be more convenient through the online price, the wider range of comparison, the price is lower than the entity.