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                How much is the price of non-woven fabric one meter? The goods are better than the three.
                Release time:2018-3-6
                In modern society, which one or person will not use non-woven fabric? I believe no one has ever used a non-woven fabric! Just a lot of people are using nonwoven fabrics, but they don't know it's nonwoven. Because different from non-woven woven cloth, it is not the root with a fiber with horizontal and vertical direction of cross woven cloth, it is often said that the woven cloth, but some are arranged in a natural fiber, through a special production process to make them into a whole, and turned into a piece of cloth. Just like that, non-woven fabrics can be produced in large quantities in a short time, and the production cost is low. It is widely used in many industries. How much is the price of non-woven fabrics when purchased? This question can't be answered in general!
                First of all, how much is the price of non-woven fabric a meter? The answer is not the only one, but a variety of things. Because of different materials, different processes, different quality, different management and cost, different profit chasing and so on, the price of non-woven fabric is different from one meter to another. For some materials, low cost, simple production process, low production cost non-woven, probably a few dollars a meter, such as 5 to 20 yuan a metre, like non-woven wallpaper decoration housing for everyone, there is 24 yuan a metre, but some high-end production of non-woven fabric, the higher the price.
                The price of nonwovens is only one meter, and the price must be three to compare with the price. For example, there is a huge price difference on high-end non-woven fabrics, which is more than three goods. As for non-woven fabrics of Aeronautics and Astronautics, expensive to 4489 yuan a kilogram, the battery for wind power generation with non-woven to four hundred or five hundred yuan a kilogram. Note that the price of nonwoven fabric is calculated by weight. For non-woven fabrics, the price is one meter, which is the price of non-woven fabric in the area, which is the way of valuation under the condition of negligible influence on the production cost of non-woven fabrics.