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                Non woven fabric price calculation, scientific calculation is easy to use!
                Release time:2018-3-6
                Non woven fabric is a very environmentally friendly, simple production process and material, it can be like not like spinning weaving into cloth, simply put some short fibers or filaments arranged in the nature, and then bond them into a whole with some special technology, it becomes a piece of cloth. It is not so, non-woven fabric warp and weft, there is no different in vertical and horizontal direction force, it is durable, environmental protection, high strength, easy degradation, moistureproof, mouldproof, breathable, transparent, very popular in many industries are welcome, so the purchase price is calculated, non-woven fabric is calculated?
                Non price calculation is not difficult, in general is a non-woven fabric weight to calculate the price, rather than the people in daily life, so the cloth to calculate the size of the price, of course, also according to the length and width of some cloth to calculate the area of price, if so, this fabric is not thick, so not by weight pricing. Because the process is simple, the cost of production is low, and the price of the non-woven fabric can not be too high, then what is the calculation of the price calculation of non-woven fabric? For example, such as some non-woven production enterprises is calculated in this way: price, price of non-woven tons of weight / 1000 * 1000.
                There are also some nonwovens price calculation methods that are simple, scientific and effective, such as purchasing non-woven fabric handbags, calculating directly with computer software, input relevant information, and prices come out quickly. Of course, the software is installed in the related unit computer. There are many ways to calculate the price of non-woven fabrics, and the different methods of calculating the price of non-woven fabrics are not necessarily the same and different. But in any case, buyers must be clear about the real price to buy nonwoven fabrics.