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                Ten non woven fabric brands, the new list in 2017
                Release time:2018-3-6
                Non woven fabric is a product of modern Chinese almost all walks of life need, or raw materials, it is a kind of cloth can be made without weaving, a cloth is used on a staggered fiber, that is not a fabric naturally formed, widely used in automobile, decoration, glasses cloth, towel, medical, agriculture and other fields, such as medical dressing materials, gauze, a secondary surgical gown, it is so, the production of non-woven fabric manufacturers in the country, which is the ten largest innumerable, non-woven brand?
                Here, in 2017, the new list will tell you. To know that the top ten non-woven brands of the 2017 list must be aware of the fact that this is temporary and does not mean permanent. Because everything is developing and changing, for example, some rising stars have exceeded the former, and some old brands may be bankrupt for various reasons, such as poor management. Moreover, even in the non-woven ten brands, all not all enterprises in the production of non-woven fabrics are excellent in quality, there may be defective, because the bads are woven by people of manipulation, management development, people can not make a mistake.
                In addition, even for some of the non-woven ten brands in the enterprise, because it is in the management of some of the characteristics or intentions and innovation, and make some products or some batch products such as quality beyond the ten major brands in non-woven non-woven production enterprises. So, in 2017 the ten non-woven brand temporarily: taipeng group, non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, from Deyong non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, pet Haixin Jun Fang no Nuobang etc..