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                Technical standards and standards for special nonwoven fabrics for fireproofing board
                Release time:2018-1-15
                Fire board is a special non-woven fabric has a unique design, has good fireproof function application products, and the fire prevention function of the actual production process guarantee, innovation and technology from the guarantee, is the current practice of specialized production, you can have a better application of fire and special type of product design. In the selection and application of non-woven materials, the standard of production and application of fireproofing boards should ensure their good quality assurance advantages, and also have obvious professional advantages in ensuring their good functional characteristics.
                If we conduct the production of fireproof boards, we must consider the special features, practical functions, reliable product quality, and professional production design features. Nonwoven fabrics have been professionally designed for this purpose, and after adding the functions of fireproofing, a good and reliable standard is suitable for practical production and application. Products from non-woven manufacturers can have a reliable quality foundation, which is a very important task to achieve assured applications. And the functional characteristics of non-woven products must have professional standards, that is, the reliability of selection.
                The special-purpose non-woven fabrics of the fireproof board, the professional standard of technology and the professional standard of the products are the key and key to meet the needs of production. Fundamentally speaking, the professional design products, to achieve better suited for applications requiring effect, there must be security technology, foundation of professional, the professional production base of high-quality products, ensure the brand strength of manufacturers, is the basic condition. And enjoy its reasonable price, that is, non-woven material overall comparison, also has a relatively reasonable professional high standard.