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                Application of special special-purpose special function for agricultural transplanting nonwoven material in agriculture
                Release time:2018-1-13
                The non-woven fabric of the machine is in the agricultural non-woven fabric, a very important special product classification. As an important goal of the agricultural production of non-woven products, non-woven products, is a large category, with high professional standards, suitable for different areas in agricultural production, the application of different links, is can effectively improve the quality of agricultural production, improvement of technical standard choice. The professional application of non-woven products is more and more widely, not only has higher professional standards, but also more important is classification and refinement, function is clear, so wide adaptability.
                The selection of specialized transplanting non-woven products, must fully consider the features of non-woven products itself, there is a clear direction, can be assured for the purpose of selection, is more important in the refinement of classification of professional non-woven production practice, application of agricultural production has the characteristics of professional production practice, also make choice can be more targeted. The non-woven fabric is constantly refined in terms of product classification. It is a good opportunity to adapt to the market change and enhance the wide range of applications of non-woven products. However, the agricultural specialization classification is more convenient and the choice of agricultural production application is more convenient.
                The modernization of agricultural production, the technical requirements are higher, and the classification of agricultural non-woven products, non-woven fabric can be used for transplanting, there are special design, in the yarn and mesh fineness, have a clear standard, can make the product application, can achieve better application potential. From the point of view of production needs, we should pay more attention to the more detailed classification if we choose the products that are non-woven fabrics, so that we can have a high degree of consistency between the choice of practice and the needs of production, so as to meet the needs of production and improve the efficiency of production.