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                Nonwoven fabric technology combination is a nonwoven composite technology
                Release time:2017-8-23
                The process combination of non-woven fabric can make use of the processing characteristics of different processes and the characteristics of various materials to develop products with excellent internal and external quality. The foreign non-woven fabric production line is developing to multifunction, differential and combined direction in order to meet the demand of high value-added nonwovens in the market. At the end of the twentieth Century, a composite product represented by SMS appeared in the nonwovens industry. At present, SMS products have been basically equal to the output of pure polypropylene spunbond products, and have been widely applied in the fields of health care, filtration and other fields. The tendency of the composite has been developed to Bai airlaid pulp spunbond and meltblown, and Bai pulp airlaid, carding and combing, spunbond and meltblown web between various technologies such as composite, but also cross each other between various processes such as spunlaced nonwovens, the main network combined with the consolidation of the past carding, and it is also available in spunlaid, wet web forming methods.