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                Two point coating non woven fabric finishing process with two kinds of slurry fusion
                Release time:2017-8-18
                Double dot coating method is a fast way of coating speed of development in recent years, the basic principle is to consider the fabric fibers and fabric fibers of the different components, so the bonding performance is different, so the selection of hot melt adhesive properties of two kinds of different, the overlap of the lower and upper substrate bonding, bonding and fabric, and to obtain the desired effect of adhesion. Double dot coating currently has three kinds of methods, namely double point method, two point powder slurry method, paste powder method.
                A method is combined with pulp slurry point point method and poudrage, is now the domestic enterprises most commonly used double point fusible interlining production process, the key is based on slurry point method on the increase of suction and dusting powder recovery device. Paste point poudrage is the superposition of two different properties of hot melt adhesive to the substrate, and the lower substrate adhesion, adhesion layer and fabric, in order to obtain a good bonding effect. Production, first round coating paste, paste point wait for dry, then try putting a layer of hot melt adhesive dusting powder, part of powder stick in the paste, the other part without glue powder slurry through the powder recovery device sucked after recycling, and then drying, the formation of double coating sintering.
                In the paste point inspersion, the key is mutual adhesion, prepared two kinds of slurry in general, heat the upper hot melt adhesive the heat flux of hot melt adhesive should be greater than the lower liquidity. It is suitable for the production of light, thin and soft medium and high grade adhesive linings with woven fabric and high grade nonwoven fabric as the base cloth. Paste powder coating process to produce adhesive lining cloth not only feel good, the coating amount is high, and can make the hot melt adhesive raw materials of different properties of the hybrid coatings, improve the comprehensive performance of the adhesive lining.
                The main use of thin paste inspersion double point fusible interlining fabric production, so there is no anti seepage material phenomenon, can achieve uniform coating, adhesive strength uniform; steam press, even repeatedly press, peel strength does not appear substantial decline. In addition, paste prepared by dusting products feel soft, not only has the characteristics of rich and very soft, and can reduce the amount of hot melt adhesive, reduce the cost and reduce environmental pollution.
                The double point method is suitable for producing interfacing with high quality and difficult to be bonded with fabric. It represents the development of the product's superfine base cloth and elastic base cloth, filling the blank of our original base cloth, and playing a pioneering role for the improvement and improvement of the domestic double point interlining.