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                Fire-Resistance Nonwoven Fabric

                1, environmental protection, halogen-free and harmful heavy metals (in line with the ROHS mark and the test standard for the halogen in Europe and America)
                2. Non conductive (good insulation)
                3, weak acid and weak alkali (good chemical stability)
                4, permanent flame retardancy (248 centigrade temperature, instantaneous temperature 1400)
                5, uniform cloth, wear-resistant, good strength (feel can be divided into soft, medium, hard)
                6, the die cutting performance is good (easy to cut the punching type, the incision is neat without the margin)
                Comparison of flame retardant products
                The product features test CFR1633 America: flame retardant, anti melt, little smoke and no poisonous effect has destroyed, after carbonization can maintain the status quo, moisture, breathable, soft, durable elasticity, mainly used in high-grade mattress exports to the United states.
                The product features standard BS5852 test: at present the European market for soft mattress furniture and seat type flame retardant mandatory requirements, while the hardness and adjustable, good fireproof performance, 30 seconds automatically extinguished, mainly for export markets in Europe, the more high-grade sofa.
                Through the characteristics of the products tested by the US TB117, the requirement of fire prevention is relatively low between the three, and the longest combustion time is no more than 8 seconds. It is suitable for textiles and furniture exported to the US.
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