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                Medical Nonwoven Fabric

                SMMS three anti woven fabric is a high end non-woven fabric processed by medical nonwoven fabric

                The main performance is:
                1, light quality: polypropylene resin as the main raw material, the proportion of only 0.9, only 3/5 of cotton, with fluffy, feel good;
                2, soft: by the fine fiber (2-3D) light point hot melt bonding molding. The finished product has a moderate softness and a comfortable feeling.
                3, dial water and breathable: Polypropylene slice without water absorption, moisture content is zero, finished product dial water is good, consists of 100% fibers, porous, breathable, easy to keep the cloth dry and easy to wash.
                4, non-toxic, non irritant: the product is produced in line with FDA food grade raw materials, without other chemical components, stable performance, non-toxic, no odor, and does not stimulate the skin.
                5, antibacterial and anti chemical agents: polypropylene is a chemical blunt substance, it is not moth eaten, and it can isolate bacteria and worms in liquid. Antibacterial, alkali corrosion and finished products do not affect strength due to erosion.
                6, antibacterial property: the product is drawn water, not mouldy, and can isolate the corrosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid, not moldy moth;
                7, good physical properties: polypropylene is directly woven into mesh and bonded by heat. The strength of products is better than that of general staple products, and its strength is not directional, and its strength is similar to that of longitudinal and transverse.
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