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                PP polypropylene non-woven fabric has good air permeability, moisture absorption and transparency, is very suitable for application in agriculture and horticulture, can achieve seedling greenhouse, thermal insulation, pest control, landscape trees, weeds, preventing bird pecking, antifreeze, anti pollution, heat and moisture, sun every precious flowers and trees protection etc..
                Advantages: non-toxic, pollution-free, recyclable, buried in the underground and degradation, in the outside half a year after the weathering.
                In addition, we can also add hydrophilic, anti aging and other special treatment according to the customer's requirements, in order to achieve better use effect.
                Non-woven, non-woven or non woven fabrics, as agricultural covering materials, have been started in foreign countries since 70s. Compared with plastic film, it has not only light transmission and thermal insulation, but also air permeability and moisture absorption. In the open field or direct coverage of protected cultivation of vegetables with non-woven fabrics, with cold, frost, wind, insects, birds, anti drought and heat preservation, the effect of soil moisture, winter is cold season vegetables to achieve stable and high yield and high quality cultivation and adjustment period of supply of a new type of cover cultivation technology.
                In the old traditional agriculture of China, there is a habit of using drafts to directly cover the winter vegetables and plants in winter, so as to prevent frosts and cold currents.
                China began to introduce agricultural non-woven fabric from Japan in 1983. It has been studied and applied in the Department of production, learning and research in some big cities. Since the end of 1990, I used different specifications of non-woven fabrics (20 g/m2, 25 g/m2, 30 g/m2, 40 g/m2) as cold proof covering materials in open and field vegetable cultivation and plastic greenhouse cultivation in winter and spring, and studied their coverage performance and application effect.
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