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                Aging Resistance Nonwoven Fabric

                A new type of anti aging material has been adopted, which has the characteristics of high efficiency against ultraviolet and anti aging. Direct addition of raw materials can effectively prevent the phenomenon of surface darkening / powdering / crisp of polypropylene non-woven fabric due to aging of materials. According to the proportion of 1%-5% added, the anti-aging period can reach 1 to 2 years under sunlight. It is mainly used for agricultural cover / greening / fruit cover and so on. Different non-woven fabrics with different weights have different protection, heat preservation, air permeability, and transparent (avoiding) light.
                Spunbonded filament non-woven fabric has good toughness, good filtration and soft handle. It is nontoxic, breathable, wearable, water resistant and high strength.
                The field of product use:
                (1) - Industrial cloth, cloth, embankment berm waterproof cloth, automotive interior fabrics, sofa mattress cloth filter material;
                (2) shoe lining, bags, shoes, leather shoes, composite materials;
                (3) agriculture - Cold - proof cover and greenhouse;
                (4) medical protective clothing - protective clothing, surgical clothes, masks, hats, cuff, sheets, pillowcases, etc.
                (5) - packaging composite cement bag, clothing storage bag, garment bag, shopping bags, gift bags, bags and luggage cloth.
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