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                Overseas Cooperation

                In line with meeting the needs from the numerous foreign-trade companies, also broadening the company’s business development at the meantime, Changzhou Hanke Nonwoven Co.,Ltd opens up foreign trade cooperation.

                Established in 1994, with the office space and manufacturing workshop covering an area of 5000 m², the company has introduced the world-class advanced equipments for the nonwoven production of filament (SS,SSS),hot rolling (ES), under the management system of international standard. With good uniformity and good tensile strength, the products are extensively used in many fields such as disposable hygiene products, fire-proof material, automobile, agricultural products and so on. The nonwoven fabrics that are made at the comany are agricultural new-technology products for the key promotion by Jiangsu Agricultural Bureau,Changzhou Agricultural Promotion Station, Changzhou Qishuyan Agricultural Technology Promotion Centre, and some other government departments. After more than 20 years’ arduous entrepreneurship, presently having product range: hygiene unwoven fabrics, agricultural unwoven fabrics, environmentally-friendly products, linings and other various products, the company is a large-lot producer with diversified operations,chosen as “Contract and Keep Promises Unit” and “Exporting Advanced Unit”,etc by the local governments and relevant authorities.


                I.Advantage for Foreign Trade Cooperation:
                1. No franchise fee; no agent fee; no risk.
                2. Wholesales with better discount; more profit margin.
                3.“OEM” supported,making the own brand very soon, having the privilege to make the sales prices
                4. No need to stock up goods, no pressure for funds
                5. Offering the professional training for the products,free of charge for the technical assistance training.

                II.Terms for Foreign Trade Cooperation:
                1. The cooperator may accept the market development space and product market values of Hanke nonwoven fabrics.
                2.There must be a potential foreign trade market from the cooperator.
                3.The cooperator must be familiar with Hanke’s products
                4.The cooperator is able to establish an experienced group for market exploitation.

                III.Cooperation process for foreign trade:
                1.The cooperator learns the massive development space of Hanke’s products
                2.The cooperator contacts Hanke company enquiring nonwoven fabrics
                3.Experiencing and learning Hanke’s products
                4.There is business talk in details between the cooperator and Hanke.
                5.Finally,signing the cooperation contract between the cooperator and Hanke.