BYC168-4260 Non-UV A2 size digital flatbed printer


Model: BYC168-4260 flatbed printer
-- Print size: any size within 42*60 cm.
-- Acceptable object height: 0 – 9 cm
-- Printing Technology: DX7 Micro Piezo / 180 nozzles * 6-colors * 2 heads / inkjet print size / double-head
-- Function: print photo, letter, logo design on product within 42*60 cm size and 9 cm height.
Textile ink: print on t shirt
Edible ink: print on edible food such as cake, chocolate, cookie, candy, macaroon etc.
--White & Color ink printing in same round with high speed printing: one head print white, another print color, high efficiency and speed.
-- Industry-leading ink technology - for colorful, vibrant prints, beautiful colors
-- Individual, large Continuous Ink Supply System - 150 ml Individual, large refill cartridge - refill ink less often / no need to change cartridges.
-- Specialized RuiCai print software - support white and color print in same round, built-in color curve, auto-selecting inks - achieve optimal density and superior contrast.
-- Exclusive Advantages:
2 heads printing – 12 channels (2 heads * 6 color channels) high speed printing at same time.
White and color printing in one round – one head prints white ink and another head print color design, print any design on any color-based material in one time – make work easier and save time.
Ball-screw drive system - more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability.
White ink stirring system – less ink sediment – better white printing quality and less ink clogging.
New KMBCY control system – no Paper Jam or General Error – working stable.
New KMBYC atomized inkjet print system – no ink lines – print effect is very smooth.

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