BYC 8 color flatbed pvc printer for printing on metal

Model: BYC168-6A UV flatbed printer
-- Print size: any size within 60*60 cm.
-- Acceptable object height: 0 – 14 cm
-- Printing Technology: DX5 Micro Piezo / 8-channel / inkjet print head
-- Function: print photo, letter, logo design on product within 60*60 cm size and 14 cm height.
Print photo, letter, logo design directly from computer onto flat or close-to-flat surface of almost any material such as acrylic, ABS, PVC, wood, leather, glass, metal sheet etc. It is good for print photo and logo on products such as mobile phone case, card, CD, pen, golf ball etc. It is widely used for print billboard, signboard, small DIY product, gift product etc.
-- Industry-leading UV ink technology - KMBYC UV ink for colorful, vibrant prints, beautiful colors that are highly water, smudge and fade-resistant. It can print out embossed effect by adjusting inkjet quantity or by multi-times printing.
-- Individual, large Continuous Ink Supply System - directly connect ink tube to 0.5L ink bottle - refill ink less often / no need to change cartridges.
-- Specialized RuiCai print software - support white and color print in same round, built-in color curve, auto-selecting inks - achieve optimal density and superior contrast.
-- Exclusive Advantages:
White and color printing in one round – 4 color channels print white ink and 4 color channels print color design, print any design on any color based material in one time – make work easier and save time.
Auto flash-spray system – spray out specified inkjet quantity during specified interval, to prevent ink clogging.
Hiwin Linear guide rail + Servo drive system - more precise table moving, durable life time.

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